Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cocktail party

Yesterday evening we had a cocktail party. Everyone had to fish out a cocktail on a piece of paper and then make this. They were all rum based to keep people from getting sick from mixing. They were all naughty cocktails some in name and ingredients. Everybody brought their bottle and some were beautifully decorated and with a clever, beautiful or sexy thing to say about it. It was a great night and it became more hilarious as more was consumed. I had to through a few in the bushes that were way to strong for me. Afterwards we went to the restaurant for pizza. Another great day in paradise as they say here all the time. I just want to let you know that I was up this morning in the yoga group doing silly poses (just mine looked silly) and for a swim after that.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Cruising life in Grenada

Tonight we were invited to a Tex Mex night. This meant that everyone needed to make something Mexican to eat or drink. It was a great night with lots of food and drinks such as margarita sangria and Mexican sunrise. While we were there we were asked for another fun night or rather nights. We had to pull a ticked with a very sexy cocktail. Mine is 'pull your panty down. All are with rum base. So we all by a bottle of rum and use half to make this drink. On the night we will get it in little shot glasses.
The week later we use the other half to make a so called bush rum drink adding all sorts of fruit the way they do here. In some of the islands the put snake heads and all sort of horrible things in the drinks. We will not but it is in that sort of way. It is all about eating and drinking here though. Still when in Rome

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Carnaval in Grenada

Carnaval is fantastisch here. Leading up to it is music everywhere. Soka music. On Monday it started officially with the parade which starts about 4 am but basically the music goes all night. We were woken up way before 4 am by the music actually vibrating the boat. So we got up and walked out the gates of the marina with our old clothes on. There were already lots of people all full of paint dancing. As it got closer to day break it became one big mass of people moving while dancing and throwing paint and oil. The history behind that is the slaves who worked the fields from daybreak and the oil represents the molasses from the sugarcane. The number of people and the loud loud music made it a real happening. Also all the drinking and smoking dope would have helped We did not stay all that long and 'enjoyed'it further from the boat. I had Chloe on Skype and she could hear it clearly.
That afternoon was the costumes parade which was very beautiful. Representing different times of the day the seasons and the different countries.
In the evening was mas which is the parade of lights. We waited with all the other people for hours dancing to the music. Finally we saw millions of red lights coming down the hill accompanied by even louder music. It was a fantasic hype and everyone gets swept away by it.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Sailing again in the month Sepember

We are now in the marina at St George's and all the things we have to do to the boat are going well. On the 8th our 2 new solar panels will arrive and we already have someone making the stainless. All good. So September we will be sailing to Tobago. I have seen the pictures and it is a beautiful island. We will be back in Grenada for October when we will take the boat out of the water to do the anti fauling.
Looking forward to sailing again and seeing a different country.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Possible hurricane

So we are now in the marina and at the end of the week there might be a hurricane. The guy from the marina came around and told us to prepare by taking the Bimini down and getting extra lines so we went to get new dock lines. Will keep you posted