Monday, January 14, 2013

Friday 11 Januay 2013

We are finally back on our boat. Arrived in Grenada 9th and spend the night on the hard. Not too bad. The next day was hard work till lunch time putting up the sails. Turns out the first sail we put up did not fit anymore and had to go back to the sailmaker who had fixed it up. That set us back a bit but we were in the water that afternoon. When we turned on the electronics we found it said error 12 so that took a while again. Anyway by night time that was working and we were tired. We never got time to clean a lot. Also with people coming past who remembered us. By this time we were anchored out in a bay. Next day (today) we sailed around the island the capital St Georges to a marina. Got there by lunch time and settled in the 'slip' by 1 pm. So we have worked since then cleaning the boat so we can receive Gail and Grant tonight.