Saturday, July 20, 2013


It has been a while. From Bonaire we sailed to Curacao. There we anchored in Spanish waters. This is a huge bay with not that many boats. The trip to customs and immigration was almost the whole day but we only had to pay 10 guilders for 3 months anchoring. When you go ashore before 10 o'clock am you can get a free bus to the supermarket. The bay is far from anywhere and I don't think it would be nice to entertain guests here since there is nothing special around here.
I went back to Australia for 6 weeks and was there when our grandson Santiago Jo Diaz was born. Had a wonderful time with the family and friends.
After 50 hours travelling I finally got back to the boat. Nothing much has changed here. Rocky has worked hard on the boat and did a lot of exploring. There are big salt flats here with pink flamingos. Today he guided another Canedian couple and me through the bush and I saw a pink flamingo and a baby one. Also breath taking scenery from the cliffs overlooking the ocean. Finally we arrived at a resort where we had a drink and caught the bus back. After a home made pizza with chicken and lots of veggies we are now relaxing looking at the lights ashore. Listening to distant salsa music and barking dogs. I love just sitting and even more going to bed.