Wednesday, February 20, 2013


We had a easy sail along Guadeloupe coast to the northern fishing village Deshaies. We went there because very high seas and wind were predicted for 4 days. Just crazy the weather here. We already had a night and a day here with a lot of wind when last night it started to become like a storm. Just as we were going to bed Rocky noticed the boat in front of us coming closer. And yes it was dragging. Grant and Gail were in bed already but grant got up when he heard us taking out fenders. By then the boat was very close and it seemed like everyone on it was asleep. In the end a guy got up and started telling us that we had come forward (like against the wind). He insisted that he was in the same spot as he swayed from next to us by now to right in front so Rocky had to push him off by his solar panels. He told us that he was on his own and we should leave. We had already let out more chain while he was still asleep (as much as possible without getting too close to the boats behind us). Anyway he kept reanchoring and at one stage ran over our chain and snapped the snubber (this is rope lifting the chain to keep weight of the windlass machine to take up and drop anchor). After about 6 goes he finally left at 4.30 this morning.
Besides that everything is sweet.

Guadeloupe Les Saintes

We had an ok crossing from Martinique to Les Saintes. When I say that it means quite a lot of wind from a not so favourable angle and high waves. However we sailed and used the motor only to charge the batteries for a bit. It was very crowded in Les Saintes but we managed to find a mooring ball not too far from the dinghy dock. The first day we saw lots of children chasing a mother and baby dolphin around the bay. These dolphins were truly playing with them Leaping out of the water and staying just in front. The kids had been doing this for hours and some had to rest holding on to our dinghy.
These dolphins were there every day. We hired scooters for a day and cruised around the island. It is a totally enchanting island. On our last day there Dan and Debbie from Lady Hawk were next to us. It was lovely to see them again. We had exchanged emails but had not seen them since Puerto Rico last year. This is the lovely thing people cruise around here for years so you keep meeting up. Many island have a cruisers net on the VHF radio and people tune in in the morning get to hear who has arrived or who is leaving. They supply weather information and buy and sell things. It is great.
Anyway we very much enjoyed our stay in Les Saintes which is part of Guadeloupe. After 3 days there we set sail for Deshaies in Guadeloupe.

Sunday, February 10, 2013


Our sail to Martinique was uneventful. The seas were quite choppy. We sailed into Le Marin too late to go ashore to check in so we stayed on the boat. It was very quiet in Le Marin as far as the ocean was concerned. Martinique has very good French wine and cheeses and what is more they are cheap. So we had a hard time eating baguettes cheese and drinking wine. We went with the dinghy up a river and lost an oar. This was a costly experience. We managed to get a new one for about $ 70.
Today we sailed around the island to Ford the France. We caught a 10 kg wahoo. What a fish. It did put up a fight. Grant let it run, then pulled it in and rocky and Grant eventually pulled it up. Hooked it with the gaff hook and it is lots of nice steaks in the freezer now. It took a while to clean the boat but we are on anchor at ford the France and just finished a nice chicken and salad lunch. This weekend is carnival in Martinique and I can see the festivities starting.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Moving around the Caribbean

Gail and Grant did not arrive till the Sunday. They missed their flight from LA because the time changed and they were not notified. They finally arrived Sunday morning via Barbados. We stayed for a week in Port Louis marina and then sailed to the statues just outside St George's. we moored and snorkelled the under water statues. Gail did not feel the best but managed.
The next day we sailed to Carriacou where we had lunch ashore and cleared out of Grenada. Gail stayed below in bed for the sail there and was quite ill. The day after that we sailed to Petite Saint Vincent where we had a delightful day. Petite Saint Vincent is privately owned and very pretty. The resort is supposedly the best in the Southern Caribbean.
We had a beautiful quiet night there and the next morning sailed to Union Island to Clear in to St Vincent and the Grenadines. Clifton is a very colourful city with quaint little alleys. From there a small trip to Salt Whisle bay. This is a beautiful bay where you see the ocean on the other side of a strip of white sandy beach with palm trees. We climbed up the hill to have a look over Tobago Keys.
From there we sailed to Bequia and although it was quite rough Gail managed. Here we had our canvas repaired and a piece for between the dodger and Bimini made. From Bequia we went to Wallilabou on St Vincent. This is where most of the pirates of the Caribbean is filmed. Part of the set is still there and the filming schedules are still up.
We walked about a mile a waterfall.
From St Vincent we sailed straight to Rodney bay in St Lucia where we had to clear in again. In St Lucia you can clear in and out at the same time which is very convenient. We are now in the marina so we could have the fridge and freezer looked at. Also our single side band radio has been looked at. We have the boat so we see all the restaurants in the marina and enjoy the lively music at night. Last night we walked to a little village where every Friday the close the main street and people cook up a storm under loud reggae music, lots of laughter and dancing. It was a great experience. Today Gail and Grant have gone to the sulphur springs while we arrange more on the boat. We have been there before so we are not missing out. On Monday we will anchor out in the bay and on Tuesdaythe winds should be ok to sail to Martinique