Thursday, June 21, 2012

Roast chicken night in Grenada

Tonight we got picked up by bus and taken to whisper cove marina. There we took part in the roast chicken evening with live music. Gerard a New Zealander who sails solo on his yacht salt whistle. We met so many other cruisers that we had met somewhere else along the trip. It was great food great music and great company This kind of thing happens here all the time

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Grenada 17 June

So today we sailed to Grenada. This involved sailing right over the top of an active vulcano. The only thing we noticed was high waves. There is an exclusion zone but I think we went through that. Today we also hit 8.5 knots sailing which was our record so far. Felt fantastic. I was behind the wheel because we let the autopilot rest so we do not use too much power. We we took a mooring in a marine park on the coast of Grenada and went snorkeling. There is a lot of statues under the water here they put down as an artificial reef. This was amazing. All sorts of statues like someone behind a table with a type writer. A big group of children in a circle. Someone on a bike and another praying. You can see it if you look on the Internet for 'under water statues in Grenada. A bit eery though. After that we went back to our boats showered and went to our friends boat to celebrate arriving at our destination with s bottle of champagne

Friday, June 15, 2012

Carriacou Grenada 14 June

Yeah !!!!! We made it the first island of Grenada. We sailed around Union Island to a place called Clifton to check out with customs and immigration. Clifton is a lovely place. I put photos of Rocky still asleep this morning then colorful Clifton and last Rocky having his Cuba libre in front of Hillsborough on Carriacou Grenada. We are flying the yellow quarantine flag until we check in tomorrow. We have sailed around 3000 miles since November. I think I am finally getting used to sailing life.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mayreau and Tobago Keys 10 June

We left Beckway and sailed past another few islands to Mayreau. This was about 26 miles. Mayreau is a gorgeous little island with a big bay with white sandy beaches coconut trees and past that another beach and the ocean again. There was a little hut made into a bar by a Rastafarian. There were lots of boats there because there was going to be a pig roast party. We arrived and 2 different guys came in their dinghys from their boats to welcome us to the 'hood' and invite us to the pig roast the next night. We had drinks that afternoon in the Rasta bar and met lots of other yachties. We also saw three sharks. The next morning a couple came past our boat taking photos for an article on the pig roast. They told me there would be 9 am water aerobics. So I got in our dinghy to ask Miriam and Celine to come. They did not want to so I went. It was a lot of fun. I had already baked a banana cake to take to the pig roast earlier. Yes we do get up quite early. Mind you we go to sleep early. The Rasta man cooked the 2 pigs one yachtie had bought and he even put in a toilet for the occasion. Everybody brought other food which was put on long tables. Big speakers were put up and voila a great party.
The next day I could not join in the aerobics because I dropped a knife on my food the day before. I had bled more then those roasted pigs I think and the wound kept oozing and I was told that I should keep it dry. We left and sailed to the keys were you can snorkel with the turtles. I went as well and hoped for the best with my wound. Lots of turtles there and they seemed to be used to people. After that the wind started blowing and we were only anchored behind a reef but open to the ocean. I hardly slept that night thinking we were going to drag on the anchor. We were jerking on the anchor but woke up the next morning in the same place. We left and heard all the people on the radio wanting to leave as well. We sailed at 7 knots with only the jib partly out. Great sail to Union island. Last one of the grenadines. However we had to go to a bay on the other side of the island (like not we're the little town Clifton is) to be protected from the blow. Saw this strange looking trimaran you can see on the photos. Looks like a huge modified yacht. Lots of people in this bay. I woke up this morning looking at this guy fishing naked from the side of his yacht. I guess he thought that lure would attract those huge jumping fish here. He was standing and put a big effort in but did not do any better then I had sitting in the cockpit with my drink. There is no wifi here can not even get the Internet on the kindle. We will be here another day yet till the blow goes. There is a catamaran on the shore that broke away from the mooring in feb this year and rocky and Rick kept going there in the dinghy to salvage more. I think rocky got a foot pump for water. All is good in paradise and this will go when we have Internet

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Pitons St Lucia 1 June

Here we are between the Pitons in a marine park bay. 2 days ago we moved from Rodney bay to Marigold bar which was a beautiful fairy tale kind of place. Went ashore and had happy hour. I had 2 piƱa coladas and rocky had coco loco so exchanged and both had one each. Very enjoyable I also put a photo of our boat with the new letters on it. Took a while but we think it looks good. Afer Marigold we went to Souffriaire where we ran into a bit of trouble. You get these boat boys here everywhere who meet you miles out. You just go with the flow and let them guide you in throw them the ropes for a mooringand give a few dollars. Anyway we did this then went to a nice bat cave and ashore. We always lock our dinghy to the dock. This time a very pushy guy told us just to put the rope because he was lying after it. He was so agressive in his ways that we all did. Then ashore we were bombarded with people wanting money and selling things. We had to go to customs and immigration to check out they give then 24 hours to leave When we got back to the dock the guy told us he wanted 30 EC which is about 12 dollars. We said we would give what we thought and he got quite upset. However we did. We moved the boat because it was too roley on that mooring. Halfway across our motor kept stopping very scary. This boat boy with a big wooden boat kept wanting to help and was in the way. Rocky kept telling him to go but he wouldn't. We had near collision and he made it very difficult for us. In the end I still wanted to give 10 EC which is the going rate. But he did not want this. He wanted more. So rocky told to take it or nothing because we had not needed him and he was more a hindrance. He got very threatening saying like 'you want trouble man'. In the end I told rocky to give him 20ec. The took it and left. Later a police boat came to our friends cat while Rik was helping rocky with the blockage in the fuel line. It was a routine check and they told the police about the annoying people and particularly about our experience. So they came on our boat and wanted us to report the person to the police station we did not sleep well that night thinking this guy might come in the night and cut our dinghy or something. We did not report him and are now further south in this gorgeous marine park. I made mango chutney and breadfruit with chili and coconut milk. This with a big thick steak so we had a great meal. Rocky cleaned the diesel today so tomorrow we will leave for St Vincent and the Grenadines. We are bypassing St Vincent because we are told it is not safe. This means 55 miles tomorrow and we should be able to sail. Lots of wind says the forecast.

St Lucia still

We are still inSt Lucia and I start to feel quite at home here. Lovely people and beautiful scenery. This morning we got on a bus to this little village to see a man about a piece of wood. Teak to make small table for our boat. He has been dressing this wood in the shed for hours now. He had all electrical equipment but likes to use all the hand tools. Better finish he says. I wonder how much this is going to be. I learned to not worry about that and to just listen to his stories because he stoops all the time to tell more stories.