Saturday, May 18, 2013

Puerto Rico to Bonaire

After coming back from Holland we spend a few days with Gail and Grant and we took them to the airport on 6th May. We stocked up at Walmart and prepared to leave the next day. As. It turned out Rocky had to work on the Electrics after that there was hardly any wind for a few days so we stayed longer. Then we had another day where we hired a car to go to Home Depot to get something again and drove through the mountains. That was a shocking trip with very narrow roads and steep twists and turns. I felt more in danger there then ever on our boat. We visited the hot springs. It was lovely to sit in a hot bath for a change.
Finally we left on Monday 13th at 9 am. We had a great sail with the wind always broad beam and between 10 and 20 knots. Island Girl performed well but not so the people. Because the waves came from the side both Rocky and I felt I'll the first 2 days. Rocky brought everything he ate back up. When you feel like that everything you have to do seems too much. Luckily we did not have to do much. Island girl was on auto pilot the whole time. We saw 3 freighters crossing our path and one got so close that Rocky said 'look such a big ocean with nothing and I have to take evasive action'. I then said that we have right of way because we are under sail. He thought that was very funny and said are you going to enforce that right?
We had 2 flying fish come on the boat one in the cockpit and the other on deck. We found them in the morning all stiff.
When we got to Bonaire on Wednesday 7 pm we had to still go around the island to Kralingendijk. It was very dark and we looked for all those yachts that should be there on moorings. You think you can come in at night because the bay is wide open but even so you need to find the mooring field. Is was on the chart plotter but we saw no anchor lights or anything. I took out the big torch that we plug I and was shining it. Then we saw yachts lined up but very close to a wall. We could not find moorings. Then someone started responding with a light to our light and a man came on the radio. Rocky nor I understood what he said. I told him this so his wife came on and said that there was a mooring next to them so we should come to the light. Her husband would come with the dinghy to help. She shone the light on a double mooring just behind a few fishing boats. I steered and Rocky picked up one mooring. He then wanted to pick up the other one. I had to steer straight ahead and we nearly ran into the fishing boat. I managed to avoid that and rocky picked up the second mooring. Then the guy came with his dinghy. He tried to come before but had broken the lock on the dinghy. Anyway we thanked the nice people and went to bed.
So here we are in Bonaire we can see now that the moorings are all in line along the coast. The water is deep but beautifully clear. It is one of the best dive spots in the world. The town is very colourful and clean. Beautiful shops and gorgeous little restaurants. Very friendly people so in other words it is paradise. There is a working salt mine you can visit, a cactus distillery and beautiful national parks. Lots of birds. The people speak 4 languages dutch english spanish and papiamento. They are so clever. You hear dutch everywhere and it feels strange to be able to speak dutch. Today on the way back to our boat we saw a bird picking up a fish and lots of other birds fighting him for it. And all that right in front of our dinghy. We intended to stay a week or so but because it looks like Chloe might have our little grandson early we will leave here Monday for CuraƧao where I will book a ticket back to Australia. The people in the yacht who helped us are lovely friendly people from Turkey. We are invited for Turkish coffee this afternoon and it seems they also want to cross the Pacific the same time we want to. That is the good part of this cruising life. The wonderful people you meet.

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